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Hand Painted Masks

Most of these masks were painted with UV (glow) paints

Subtle Masks

Subtle Masks

PaperTrail Swan

Original Paperwork by Julie

Gallery: Origina Series 1

Gallery: Natura Series 1

Natura Series 1

Gallery: Magic Daggers

Gallery: PsYRO

Gallery: Sensica

Faerie Flower Chase

Faerie Flower

Faerie Flower Chase

Hushing Sweetly, Yet Completely, It Sends Her Mind Astray…
Churning Creamy Thoughts Of Such A Wandering Muse

So She Slips Away For A Quiet Moment By Herself

While Pink And Purple Flower Petals
Secretly Chase Themselves, Teasingly.

Every Day You

I Thank God For You Every Day
Cant Tell It To Your Face
That’s Just Not My Way
Even Though Someone In My Place
Would Speak And Openly Say

I Love You

My Head, A UFO

Tue, November 8, 2005 – 11:29 AM

My Head A UFO
A Mushroom In My Head
A Mushroom In My Head
We Listened To The Silence
A Mushroom In My Head

We Listen To The Sound
The Silence Getting Louder
We Dig Into The Silence
The Sound Is Getting Louder

The Mushroom Is The Silence
A Mushroom In My Head
I Am The UFO
The Mushroom Is My Head
The Mushroom Is My Head

A Sound Comes Out My Mouth
The Silence Never Louder
The Sound Comes Out My Mouth
A Mushroom In My Head

My Head A UFO
The Sound Is In My Head
I Hear The UFO
The Silence In My Head
The Silence Is My Head

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